2017 AFL Grand Final

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We were super lucky to get the opportunity from Activate Media Events to have our Hashtag Printer at the Four n Twenty tent at the 2019 Toyota AFL Grand Final where the Richmond Tigers took on the GWS Giants.
A four day event that ran gave all AFL Football diehards the opportunity to win and get their hands on the lucrative AFL Grand Final tickets to the game on the Saturday.
Wondering what a “Hashtag Printer” is? Essentially it’s a social media tool which helps increase your events social media reach both locally and internationally. It works by your customers/clients taking images on their phones and uploading to social media using a specific event “Hashtag”. Our Hashtag Printer then picks up these images and adds it to a custom branded template which prints instantly as a take home memento that they can slap up on the fridge – Thus giving your brand/event an increased social media reach and also allowing your customers to have a physical marketing element to take home with your branding.
Interested? Check out some of the images from the event and you might even notice a couple of famous past and present AFL players in some of the images.


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