Animated &
burst GIFS

stills to gif

Have your guests tell a story in pictures with our GIF Booth. We’ll capture three or four still images in a sequence and animate them into a forever looping string of giffy goodness. Guests have about 5 seconds between each frame to pose for the next image in their storyline.

gif to print

You really want GIFs, but want your guests to have prints too. What to do, what to do? Don’t worry; we’ve totally got you covered! Upgrade to one of our Print Options, and our designers will create a print layout using one or all of the still images taken in the GIF sequence. Now you’ll have something super awesome to share online and put on your refrigerator, too.

animated overlays

Fly a plane in the sky, toss a bottle from across the room, zoom a logo or twinkle lights. We are experts at making things move. Share your vision, and let our designers put it into motion.
gif with moving overlay

gif to social media

Twitter loves GIFs. Facebook recently became GIF friendly with the ability to post GIFs via links from other websites, and Instagram hasn’t been playing nice at all. That’s okay. We are equipped with the tools necessary to help your guests post their GIFs on all three of these social media outlets. So, let the Likes, Shares and Retweets commence!

GIF/Digital Photo Booth Hire Packages

Starting from $400

Hire Includes the following:

  • Booth Host/Hostess
  • Open Air GIF Photo Booth
  • Sequin or Stretch Fabric Backdrop
  • Custom Design Template
  • On-site Sharing Station
  • Props from our Curated Collection
  • Dropbox Image Delivery
  • Personal Online Photo Gallery
  • Free Hi-Res Photo Downloads
  • Set-up & Pack-up Outside Hire Time

*Additional hours and options are available for an additional fee.


Additional Hours

$150 per hour

Prints per Person

Starting at $100

Guestbook | Album


Custom Backdrop

Starting at $300

Custom props and signs

Starting at $100

2 Hour Photo Booth Hire Package

2 Hour Hire


3 Hour Photo Booth Hire Package

3 Hour Hire


4 Hour Hire


5 Hour Photo Booth Hire Package

5 Hour Hire


6 Hour Photo Booth Hire Package

6 Hour Hire


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