5 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs A Photo Booth

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5 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs A Photo Booth

There’s no secret that Photo Booth’s are again becoming a huge must have at Wedding’s and Event’s across Melbourne. I bet you’re wondering why? Here are our 5 reasons why you need a Photo Booth at your Wedding!

1) The Number’s Don’t Lie

Did you know that one week after your Wedding 75% of your guest’s only remember and continue to talk about the entertainment you had at your wedding? A whopping 85% of hosts say the entertainment should be your number 1 priority and a crazy 90% of your guests are more than likely to hire a Photo Booth in the future at their own event! We all attend events to be entertained don’t we? This is the biggest reason as to why we only remember the entertainment after a period of time!

2) Everyone Get’s A Keepsake

I’m sure you have used a Photo Booth before, but if you haven’t they are contagiously fun and addictive! There’s just something about a Photo Booth that can completely change the vibe at an event and let’s be honest everyone loves to let their hair down towards the end of the night and have some fun.
When your guests are finished posing in positions like they have never done before, our Photo Booth’s will display the finished photos for a little sneak peak on the screen and then they will be automatically sent straight to the printer for a hard-copy that everyone can take home – That’s right everyone gets a copy to slap on their fridge!
​If you want fun, spontaneous and hilarious high quality photo’s of all your friends that will become the talking point long after your event is over? Well a Photo Booth is what you need!

3) Age Is NO Limit

A Photo Booth doesn’t care how old you are, they are fun and assessable for all ages! After all the events we have completed I can’t say we have ever seen any signs of boredom or sadness!

4) Everything Can Be Custom

Thinking of having a theme on your special day? Maybe you would like the print strips to match your event theme or invitations? Well this is completely possible! Maybe you would like some custom props with you and your partners name on them? This is possible also! Gone are the days of the boring black and white Photo Booths that couldn’t be customised.

5) Guestbook Full Of ALL The Photo’s

This could be one of your biggest reasons as to why you would like to hire a Photo Booth on your Wedding Day. All of our packages are completely inclusive of a leather bound guest book and our booth attendant (Also included in all our packages) will ensure an extra copy is printed and placed in the guest book – Best of all they will also encourage your guests to write some lovely messages next to their photo for your to look back on and have a little chuckle!
Feel free to contact us and discuss your Melbourne Wedding idea’s further! We’d love to help you celebrate such a special moment in your life!


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